Alternative Yoga

Yoga is a practice that anyone and everyone could do daily. The practice allows each of us to explore our inner minds and connect the mind with the soul and body by using our breath. Yoga can be used to self medicate and has been practiced for decades worldwide as a hobby, sport and initially founded as a religion.

There are many different types of yoga and we will be exploring them and posting about some in the lead up to The Summer's End Yoga festival. We will be heading to Canberra on the 18th of March.

You can practice Yoga anywhere and with anyone and here at Govinda Valley we host various style of Yoga retreats and day workshops available to everyone for the times you wish to escape and practice with other like minded people.

This Sunday we are hosting a wellness morning which will be led by Jo Sharp. Jo has been coming to Govinda Valley for years and this particular workshop will run from 9am – 1pm. The day will be a beautiful way to focus on intentions, grounding and mindfulness. You are invited to energise your body with yoga & pilates practice, your mind with cleansing and finally to nourish your wellbeing with the delicious lunch prepared by our soul 2 soul cooks here at Govinda Valley kitchen.

Written by: Isabella Kavanagh