Gaura Vani at our Valley



Name: Gaura Vani

Age: 40

Profession: musician, music/record producer


What do you love most about Govinda Valley?

My favourite thing is to be out in the nature, especially I like beautiful gardens. I like seeing beautiful plants and flowers. Around Govinda Valley is of course a lot of beautiful nature, surroundings, seeing cockatoos flying to the trees, the whole forest swinging in the wind. From most of the windows at GV you can look out across the hills, across the valley, so you get this beautiful view.


How would you describe the food at Govinda Valley? Did you have a favourite dish?

The food at Govinda Valley was truly phenomenal. Every single dish was my favourite dish. Every dish was made consciously, not overcooked, the right mix of ingredients, beautiful colours, I mean, the soups were fantastic, pad Thai was incredible, salads, desserts. Vijay, your wonderful chef, made raw, vegan, sugar free cheesecake out of dates, nuts, bananas mmm. I cannot describe how incredible it was.


What advice would you give to someone considering a stay at Govinda Valley?

For anyone staying at Govinda Valley I would encourage them to make time in their schedule to go around in the surrounding nature; there are beautiful waterfalls, beautiful look outs over the ocean, just moments away. Spend time in nature, connect to the beautiful country side. Witness the incredible gift the country side has to offer.


What's the best way for a person to improve their health, beauty or wellbeing?

The best way for a person to improve their health, beauty and wellbeing is to work on inner transformation. To introspect, meditate, chant, do Kirtan, to awaken and grow their inner self. The inner landscape has so much effect on the outer landscape. If our inner landscape is suffering, then even maybe we are in a beautiful space but might not be able to appreciate it. So whatever we can do to focus on taking the beauty of this Gods creation and brining it in and filling our hearts with the beauty and the love that we can find from the spirit that can then flow out and feed our body, our minds and the world.


Where can we follow you?

Facebook - Gaura Vani Music

Instagram - gauravani