Meals for the Wollongong homeless

It’s a well known fact that spiritual creatures and spaces put great emphasis on giving back to the universe to balance what is taken. Good karma; the key incentive that should sit within all our hearts naturally, and if not, something we all must strive for!

The Govinda Valley retreat is built on good karma. Managed by practicing yogi’s, and supported by live-in volunteers, Govinda Valley is a not for profit project aiming to provide a nurturing and nourishing space for their guests and the community alike.

The Heart and Soul Café, Cronulla, is another project established by Govinda Valley. Both projects open their arms and their hearts every week to feed disadvantaged souls. Teaming up with charity Caring for Life, their motive is to provide nourishing, vegetarian meals to fill the tummies of those who struggle to do so themselves. This noble good deed takes places every week, and always with a little help from some friends…

At Govinda Valley all hands are on deck when prepping the Meals! First, they are lovingly conceived by GV’s very talented, dynamic chef, Vijay. After lots of thought, love and effort, the meals are then packed up by his enthusiastic assistant Jenny and other such volunteers. They are then sent to Wollongong Emergency Family Housing (WEFH); a charity which supports the homeless and families, youth and individuals at risk.

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As a charity, however, Caring for Life doesn’t just provide free, healthy meals for the disadvantaged. Based on a whole-world view of welfare in terms of cause and effect (karma) they also support and advocate for animal protection, environmental awareness; life-counseling for individuals dealing with problems from drug addiction to domestic violence…and ultimately build communities through spiritual education. In short; they plant the seed of compassion in people’s minds and hearts, through teachings and practical actions, with the aspiration of reconnecting people with themselves and all of the rich tapestries that make up a positive and fulfilled life.

And that, my friends, is certainly my definition of good karma!

To find out more, or to make a lovely generous donation or maybe even to volunteer, please visit:

Written by: Tamsin Fordrey