Volunteers do not necessarily have time - they just have heart!

While we always endeavour to place you in a service area for which you are best suited and most happy, we ask your cooperation in helping to cover the daily project requirements. These include cooking, cleaning, housekeeping and grounds maintenance. We are interested in people with outdoor skills such as gardening, landscaping, building and construction. Website development and social media skill are also welcomed.

Govinda Valley is located within walking distance of the Royal National Park, a number of pristine local beaches and nearby Otford train station. You are welcome to take advantage of the local surroundings, which include a majestic coastline, many nature walks, waterfalls, beaches and wildlife!

We like you to be informed about our volunteering program before you volunteer with us. Please read about exchange opportunities and conditions of volunteering.

  • Volunteering here simply feels like finding another family. During my two weeks there I got to know and learn about bhakti yoga, participating at yoga philosophy classes, kirtans and meditations.
    — Lysbeth / Italy
  • I really enjoyed my stay at Govinda Valley. In my free time I could visit the beaches by train or just by walk. I had time to relax and I learned a lot about myself and my abilities.
    — Hannah / Germany
  • Very welcoming and kind staff, excellent food and a wide range of jobs to be done. Great surroundings to explore in your free time.
    — Rob / England
  • I mostly worked around the kitchen with people of all nationalities and I'm pretty sure I've never savoured such a healthy, tasty and delicious food in my life.
    — Giulio / Spain