If I could use one word to describe Govinda Valley it would be 'Love'


Recently, in my great life, a few doors had suddenly been slammed shut being the last trigger for me to full heartedly give the power over to my heart and gut instincts to decide the next chapter. Govinda Valley became my beautiful first step in my 'yes this feels right' path. 

I yearned for something deeper - a deeper connection and understanding of myself/my emotions.  Even within a week of being at Govinda Valley I felt more peaceful, aware and grounded. I have been given the space to breathe deeper, be loved, learn, and be raw. 

Waking up to birds singing or raindrops on the roof, gently moving into a Yoga or Pilates practise - or making your way up the hill to see the sun rise over the horizon and whale spurts welcoming you into a new day, you are sure to feel the magic of this place. 


The meals.. amazing! So fresh and nutritious, and made with so much love (be sure to wear some stretchy pants during your stay here!). Volunteer shifts can include helping Vijay create this goodness, where there is sure to be laughter, jokes and education in the kitchen. 

Afternoons at Govinda Valley involve workshops taken by some of the residents. One of my favourites was the Sacred Circle taken by Vani, being blessed with honesty and rawness. I was hesitant when I came to this workshop as it was new to me, however this was a big healing moment for me, to realise I wasn't alone in having emotions which are not visible from the outside. This is when the magic of Govinda Valley fully ignited for me. I understood that a family can be formed anywhere, where it is a safe environment, with so much love. Govinda  Valley attracts like minds which create powerful friendships. Everyone has their unique story, and are on their own journeys, but I found that we were are all looking for the same things too. I have never experienced relating to people on this deep level so quickly before coming to this place. 


If I could use one word to describe Govinda Valley it would be 'love'. Warm embraces, meaningful conversations, full focus, laughter... Working on loving ourselves in our morning practices was such a gift. It was at the root of what I had been yearning for, rippling into ultimately understanding myself better and progressing my personal journey. I am so grateful for finding this magic during such a beautiful experience, and I will cherish this chapter of my life.

Maybe this journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isn't really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place. - anonymous

Written by: Jade Barclay