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Foundations of Prana Vidya

In yoga it is said that energy and consciousness are the two symbiotic principles of creation. In order to evolve the consciousness, it is necessary to awaken the energy. The two move together.

Prana Vidya is the yogic science of regulating and awakening the energies within the body for well-being, healing, meditation and spiritual elevation. Throughout time immemorial, yogis have been teaching us that the liberation of energy is the key to super-conscious states. As we're introduced to the science of Prana Vidya and begin to develop the foundational practices, it's as though a veil is removed and we enter into the vision, feeling an experience of prana.

Prana is the life force behind all beings and the power of all movement in creation. The understanding and ability to regulate, expand and develop our quality of prana, re-orientates our physical, emotional and mental patterns. The practice of Prana Vidya, however, is much more in depth than the body-mind experience and offers us a pathway to experiencing from the individual prana to the maha prana, and everything in-between.

Join us at the beginning of this journey and develop the inner science of Prana Vidya as we move through the foundational practices.

This weekend retreat includes:

  • 2-day sadhana intensive

  • Introduction to the theory of Prana Vidya

  • Foundational practice and meditation on the energetic channels and fields

  • Yogic methods of awakening and directing energy

  • Prana Nidra relaxation in the field of energy

  • Immersion in a meditative experience

  • Asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha

  • Nada Yoga and bhajan

  • Evening program, including exceptional kirtan

  • Accommodation and all vegan meals included

  • Beautiful retreat environment


Early Bird: $485 (By 1st August)

Full Price: $540 (after 1st August)

Bookings and Inquiries

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Later Event: September 20
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