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The Sanctuary of Ananda - Internationally Accredited Tantra Training

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Are you looking for Spiritual Inspiration in 2019? 

This exceptional six day training program will be held at Govinda Valley and taught by The Sanctuary of Ananda, established in 2006 and recognised as an Approved Platinum Training Provider and Silver Ambassador with IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists).

The word “Tantra” has been used with much misunderstanding in society today that many have been misled by the glamour and perception that Tantra is just about physical pleasure based in the lower centres (chakras) when in actual fact the true path of Tantra is Sadhana, a journey of discarding the layers of the lower personality nature through a deep inner soul searching journey that goes way and beyond the confines of just the form (the body - involution)

Tantra is a science of evolution, unlocking and decoding life’s many mysteries and discovering the mystery of self, self-realization, self-knowledge and self-love. When self-love is awakened, we recognize this as unconditional love in others, our community, humanity and the soul.

This training program provides a unique opportunity for the serious seeker who wishes to embark on this devoted path. The intent to do this training should be to further one's knowledge and insight into authentic Tantra, to gain a deeper insight into self, to understand the principle teachings of Consciousness (soul) and/or to add and utilize skills for a new or existing holistic business.

This is an incredible opportunity for accelerated spiritual growth so if your soul is calling you, listen to the whispers and then trust fully. We always see opportunity like a train, when the train stops you only have a few minutes to get on or you will miss it, so step onto that train today, We promise you will not be disappointed.

Held in a highly professional, supportive and respectful space.


Should you require accommodation for the retreat we have several options available including single ensuite rooms, twin or quad share or the opportunity to use your own equipment and camp onsite at the retreat. Additional fees apply and are dependent on accommodation chosen. 


P.O.A. For the cost of this training please email A non-refundable deposit is required upon booking. Full payment is requirement before the commencement of the Training. Payment Plans are available subject to terms and conditions.


A phone interview is compulsory before your booking for this Training can be confirmed. Please email or phone our friendly staff on 08 6311 2804 to arrange an interview time.


There is an Internationally Recognized Certificate at the end of each module (modules 1 - 3) completed with The Sanctuary of Ananda. 


The Training will be facilitated by Catherine Wood (Founder of the Sanctuary) and Bethany Heap (Connected Heart).

Catherine Wood founder of Sanctuary of Ananda - Focuses on Tantric and Esoteric Philosophies. Her passions lay in teaching humanity the core principles of sacred love which branches out into the fields of Tantric Sexuality, Kama Sutra, Esoteric teachings and Relationship Counselling.

Catherine is the author of “The Way of the Heart” Tantra Empowerment for women and has been featured on channel 9 'Do you know what women want', The Couch TV, and is a co-author in ExtraOrdinary Business Women 2017. In 2018 Catherine won Soulful Communicator at the Perth Convention Centre presented by Better Life Book Stores. She holds a wealth of experience and knowledge in all areas of Tantra which spans over 30 years.