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Wild Child Moves - Remembering & Belonging

We want the same things, we have the same struggles, we grieve the same, we experience love in the same way. Yet somehow we’ve become so disconnected from each other. We miss each other on a deep level.

Our ability to experience true belonging is only equal to our willingness to be vulnerable, to expose our soft heart, to be authentically who we are and stand up for what we believe, even if it means standing alone ‘in the wilderness’.

To experience true belonging we must be willing to stand alone. This retreat will explore practices for belonging through community, connection with our physical and energetic bodies and the Earth iself. Learn how to develop a sense of being at home in the world. 

Includes yoga asana, yin yoga, restorative yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices, journalling, story telling, philosophical discussion.

Starts Friday 15 February 5pm

Ends Sunday 17 February 3pm

Cost - $360 camping
$440 quad share
$560 twin share (with ensuite)
$750 single occupancy (with ensuite)

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