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with Holly Eva

In this workshop we will be diving head first into our divine creativity. Sadly if your a woman who says "oh but im not creative"  you have forgotten that you were blessed at birth with the given right to allow yourself the freedom to create. Anyone can pick up a paint brush and paint.  You can paint under my guidance and create something beautiful. Painting is about self expression and getting lost in the moment of just playing freely. No rules, no external thoughts its all inner knowledge that we will tap into and its a beautiful place to be.You will easily see the warrior from within so if you have lost her or can no longer feel her then come paint with me. If you feel depressed or are at a stand still with not a lot of direction come paint with me to seek her out.If your happy and joyful and excited about painting a warrior then come join me.

This is what I do, I help you re discover your inner warrior and if this is ringing bells for you then dive in and be BOLD take the journey of paint, you wont be disappointed.Art heals in so many ways.

This is a class that I hold close to my heart. 5 years I have been painting warriors and now its time I taught you 



cost $399

enquiries and bookings: 0414 894 538