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Finding Centre Yoga retreat - Man Warrior Yoga


Our busy, hectic lives include deadlines, to-do lists, projects, and responsibilities: they can all help make our lives feel a little unmanageable, and even out of control. One of the greatest skills you can acquire is learning how to access your internal compass and find your centre in times of stress.  

We all encounter stressful people, situations, and periods in our lives. What makes each of us different from one another are the choices that we make in any given moment.

When you temporarily lose your balance, you need to reset your internal alignment. Michael and his team of insightful yogis will help you regain perspective and refocus the way in which you perceive your experiences. 

During the ‘Finding Centre’ yoga retreat you will deepen your awareness of where you are actually at.  You will being to cultivate an internal awareness and becoming grounded to exactly where you are.

After becoming aware of your internal state, we will then assist you in placing your attention in the present and simply observe.  You will leave the retreat feeling not only revitalised and refreshed, but you will have gained internal tools providing clarity, peace, and balance that you will have forever.

Your weekend will include:

Yoga and meditation practices

Energy healing

Walking meditation

Yoga Nidra (relaxation)

Delicious vegetarian meals

Comfortable accomodation ( 2 nights)

Led by Michael and his team of inspiring teachers



- Day passes plus lunch (no accom)  $295

- Camping onsite plus all amenities and 3 meals/day  $395

- Quad share room plus all meals  $495

- Twin share ensuite room plus all meals  $595

- Single ensuite room plus all meals  $795


Bookings and information: Michael Dever

0431 399 399