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Triple Shakti - A Celebration of Womanhood

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Be part of the first Triple Shakti celebration in Australia. Triple Shakti is more than a Yoga Retreat. It is a magical three day celebration of womanhood

We invite you to let your wildness shine. To listen to your heart's desires. To let go of all the expectation there are of you. To feel perfect just as you are. To celebrate your feminine powers. To explore who you could become. To live your life to the fullest with both feed on the ground. To be connected to your sisters.

More than ever, our earth and the people on it need love and compassion. Triple Shakti creates a powerful sense of community and togetherness. Be part of the feminine rising.

A weekend filled with 5 Rhythms Dance, Fire Ceremony, Kundalini Meditation, Prana Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Women’s Circle, Sensual Dance, Lunar Goddess Workshop, New Moon Ceremony, and Presentation and Live Music by Deya Dova


Weekend Pass $330 (includes meals, access to ALL activities and camping spot). Other accomodation available

Day Pass $240 ( includes meals and access to ALL activities, access on Saturday 23 June 2018 only)


For enquiries and bookings: