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FHY Ancient & Interstellar Wellness Retreat

FHY 2018 Wellness Retreat will renew body, purify mind & increases spirit levels! Through a series of courses, you will learn various ancient & interstellar practices and enhance spiritual awareness. With the universal energy integrating into individuals, participants will catalyse the body’s primary self-healing processes, strengthen the immune systems, prevent chronic illnesses and relieve emotional suffering. Unique Celestial Shield protecting you from invasions of negative energy, all particularly the energy healers and specialists will be accelerated the Qi gathering & emission at multiple skill levels. Methods taught in this course include gathering Qi from nature (for example the exchange of Qi with the sun, moon, trees, sacred mountains and oceans) and Qi emission to heal others, including animals and plants. This course will be facilitated  by Grandmaster Da Tong.

Regular FHY Bronze Bell practice will rapidly expand your energy (Qi) field to:

  • Accelerate your body’s natural healing process.
  • Heal difficult-to-diagnose & chronic illnesses.
  • Relieve physical and emotional pain.
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Resolve fear, anxiety, stress, anger and depression.
  • Detoxify the body and optimise body weight.
  • Heal addiction(s).
  • Transform relationships at home and work.
  • Understand karma and heal hereditary illness(es).
  • Join the innate intelligence of your body with Earth energy & Universal Qi.

For general enquires, prices and bookings, please contact:

 0426 898 736

Further details:

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