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Sound Healing with Jasmine

Living Illumination & Elevating states of consciousness Retreat

Jasmine shares her blessings as always with you on this fruitful holiday, experiencing the elevating meditation. Using 4 Elements to cleanse & energise, entering synchronised harmony by the universal sound.  

Identifying with the soothing Sounds within and beyond the “Who

 I am?” the unique, “Finding your Roots”   and the wellbeing in peace and harmony with all living spiritual souls.      

Learn 24 hours Meditation ethnic techniques to maintain this important equilibrium.

Regarding integration of physical and spiritual liberation.  And filter information from spirit realm, and the greater universe. New Profile which gives to understanding and Belief the reason we chose a lifetime on Planet Earth.


Early bird:   $300 deposit required before on 11th July 2017) 

$650 per person (4 people shared room)

 $750 (2 people shared room)

Including accommodation with 3 meals a day, and all retreat services.


Contact : Jasmine Wei

Mob:  0420 900 200

Email :