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mens sana in corpore sano

Give your body what it needs-nourishment, movement and recovery- and you get back what you desire.



- learn to listen to your body

- work with what you've got rather than figthing it

- discover how to calm down when everything gets too much

- understand the importance of recovery

- recognise the power of food and how to use it to achieve your health and body shape goals

- become more resilient, inside and out

- strengthen your body in its natural way with bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere

- experience what it feels like to take care of yourself instead of always putting others first

- move, nourish, accept, just BE


Join me and a group of like minded people for a weekend of learning, discovering, movement and kindness to yourself.

All meals, accomodation in a 4-bed share and workshops are included. $225

Contact: Alice 0488020340 for more details





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