Govinda Valley Healing Centre

At Govinda Valley Healing Centre we offer the highest standard in healing therapies. Treat yourself to a massage or energetic healing treatment during your stay, by one of our highly qualified therapists as a way to nurture and nourish your mind, body, soul and further enhance the relaxation and healing experience Govinda Valley so beautifully provides.


Massage Therapy


Indulge in a one hour deep tissue or relaxing massage, with our wonderful massage therapist who will help relieve tension and stress and ignite relaxation throughout your entire body.






Energetic Healing


Indulge in a one hour relaxing Energetic Healing Treatment with our renowned Energetic Healer/ Reiki Practioner to calm, clear, balance and recharge your energy field and system, enhancing your body’s natural healing potential and releasing energetic blocks that lead to dis-ease.

An Energetic Healing treatment is a "Massage for the Soul "



Enquiries & bookings for both services please email Vanessa -


*Cash preferable; Eftpos available