Govinda valley classes


7am Tuesday & Thursday 

$12 donation - all proceeds go directly to funding education for underprivileged children. 

Bookings: 0401 185 616

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Indu’s yoga classes are a lovely, gentle and grounding way to start the day. Her peaceful energy makes you feel instantly relaxed and the nurturing poses open up the body and calm the mind. She incorporates various exercises ranging from pranayama, to yoga asana, to tai chi, that combine beautifully to leave you feeling balanced and energised. Thoughtful final touches are often added too, like a relaxing, assisted savasana, an oracle card and some essential oils. People from all levels will feel welcome and at ease in her classes.


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love-ness Yoga

‘Magic’ is a more appropriate word for Vani’s classes than ‘yoga’ - incorporating a concoction of everything she’s learned on her life journey, fusing it all together to make her own signature blend.

Vani’s core intention for all her classes, is for her students to fall in love with themselves – reconnecting them with their inner soulmate and authentic nature. Vani focuses on the true essence of yoga which she believes is about connection to your authentic self, rather than postures and exercises. She starts by guiding her students in clearing everything that obstructs the connection to the authentic self/ nature. Some of the ingredients she includes is stress, tension, trauma and emotion release exercises, energy clearing,, tapping, breathing techniques, dance, authentic expression, scream therapy and hip liberation.

Expect the unexpected when attending Vani’s classes. It will be a transformative physical, energetic and emotional healing experience, rather than the asana sequence you’d expect. Keep an open mind and allow for free expression, inspired movement and joyous connection.

Throughout your time together with Vani, you will feel safely held and uplifted in her presence, as you experience the beautiful sacred space she provides, free of judgement and full of true unconditional love.


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Vani is an exceptional woman and extraordinary teacher and guide, whose unbelievably challenging life experiences have catapulted her into a track of rapid expansion and deep spiritual development. Miraculously, she has been able to not only transcend her experiences with such grace and positivity, but cultivate a remarkable amount of wisdom and compassion in the process; already playing a major healing role in the lives of hundreds in her work as a yoga teacher, guide, and facilitator.

Vani is a master of connecting people to the experience of self-love. Watching the transformation that students undergo in one of her classes is a truly magical experience. Faces soften, hearts open, feelings are relieved and a deep love cultivated. 

Classes/ Workshops: Love-Ness Yoga, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Sacred Circle, Stress/ Trigger Management, The Art of Loving Yourself, Clean Living, Reuniting with Your Child-Self, Ecstatic Dance

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