Govinda Valley Kirtan nights

Every Sunday at Govinda Valley we gather together for a group mantra meditation night. Kirtan (mantra meditation) is a call and response chanting, which can uplift you and prepare your body, mind and soul for the week ahead. 

Kirtan is an ancient form of meditation that involves chanting mantras with music. You can enter into a realm of calm, peace and sacred sound, drawing your mind away from stress, anxiety and general activities.

'Material conditioning and negative emotions affect our health, relationships, physical endeavors - it affects everything. When the mind is purified, we experience deep inner satisfaction and peace.' Sri Prahlad

'The mantras trigger a flow of deep emotions, yet quieten your mind and cease the buzz of internal voices and thoughts. Whatever emotions you are feeling can be channelled into the song and you find peace in a meditative state.' GV blog 'Calming the mind through singing meditation'

Please join us for our next kirtan night and follow Govinda Valley Kirtan Nights event on Facebook for updates. 

RSVP Indu on 0403 986 583
Kirtan night by donation $10