Where can you help

  • Cooking

  • Housekeeping

  • Grounds maintenance

  • Building and construction

  • Landscaping

  • Gardening

  • Social Media

  • Website design


Languages spoken

Even though people from many different countries make up the staff of Govinda Valley, we can only accept volunteers with a good grasp of the English language!


There are separate living sections for females and males. The rooms are basic and can fit from two to four people. It is very important to keep the rooms tidy and neat especially when sharing the space with others. At times we also provide tents, especially when we have more volunteers.

What you will need to bring

  • Good solid working shoes for the garden

  • Suitable clothes for weather conditions

  • A positive attitude and a smile is a must :)

What to expect

As a project based on the principles of yoga we expect – for the time you are with us – that you will share in our spiritual ethos and observe the following standards with respect to diet, dress, behaviour, etc.

  • No eating meat, fish or egg

  • No intoxication (both on and off the property, including drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee or other addictive substances)*, no pets

  • Modest and appropriate dress (e.g. yoga pants and tights are only for doing yoga not for working)

  • A good work ethic under the direction of our regular staff

  • Being always conscious of the comfort and convenience of other staff, guests or volunteers (no unreasonably late nights, no excessive noise, respect for each other’s space and privacy, etc)

Please note: When it comes to any illegal or illicit activities such as substance abuse, sexual harassment, bullying, etc, we have a zero tolerance policy. Any infractions in this regard will result in your immediate departure from our project. There will be no negotiation on this point.

How long can you stay here?

We prefer that people stay 4-6 weeks, however exceptions to this time frame can be discussed.

After first week we will review your situation. Assuming we are happy with you and you are happy with us you may be invited to stay longer. There is no real limit on how long you may be allowed to stay but we will review things periodically to see how things are working out. As in any relationship, it will ultimately depend on our mutual experience and on the degree to which we share certain values, visions and ideals.

All this said, we are very accepting of all kinds of people and we welcome you to be yourself and add your own flavour to our community. We believe this is a wonderful project combining a materially healthy business with a process of spiritual upliftment. We believe that through the practice of yoga and the transformative power of volunteer service we can not only find personal fulfillment but contribute greatly to a much needed general improvement in the social and environmental spheres of life. We aim especially to provide and facilitate the younger generations in taking up a leadership role, not only in this project but in society as a whole. We are confident your time here with us will be enjoyable, as well as truly adventurous and an extraordinary life experience.

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

  • Secure and comfortable share accommodation

  • Fantastic food

  • Great new friends

  • The opportunity to live in our beautiful retreat environment and amongst the wild life

  • Weekly kirtan (singing meditation) nights

  • Daily morning meditation and philosophy classes

  • Hatha yoga classes according to availability of teachers and students

  • Group day trips to waterfalls and beaches in the warmer months

  • An overall experience to be remembered.

Volunteers have the opportunity to learn about Bhakti Yoga and what it can add to their quality of everyday experience; through service, singing and dancing, healthy vegeterian food, early nights, yoga asana practice, and being part of community life.

Volunteering hours expected

About 5 hours, 6 days a week flexible (30hours per week).

Our policy

It is the policy of this organization to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, colour, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age or disability.