Energetic Healing

A Massage for the Soul


Our energy must flow in order to maintain optimal health - physically, mentally, and emotionally…

Energy healing is a therapy that promotes healing of the energetic body that exists in us all. This energetic body exists simultaneously with our physical body, with each having a direct effect on the other. Emotional and mental stress and blocks to our personal growth can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies, impacting our ability to function at our full potential and eventually leading to illness and depleted mental and emotional reserves. Energetic Healing helps to restore these vital flows. 

 Benefits of Energy Healing

  • Relief from stress & anxiety by balancing the mind, body, spirit
  • Detects & removes energy blocks, which may be the cause of physical, mental, & emotional stresses
  • Alleviates pain & physical ailments
  • Balances the body's chakras for a smooth flow of energy
  • Compliments all medical healing therapies & rehabilitation
  • Strengthens one's connection to the divine/ increases intuition
  • Aids in decision making & being at peace with situations
  • Increases energy, vitality and motivation

What to Expect

In an energy healing session, you are not expected to do anything other than clear your mind, relax, and enjoy. Depending on the type of session being performed, the therapist may lay their hands/crystals/tools gently on different areas of your body to channel the healing energy, or they may simply hover above the body. 

You may have various experiences, ranging from the feeling of warmth and tingling throughout the body, a sensation of either floating or becoming very light, or the sensation of becoming very heavy and melding into the treatment table. It is common to see colours or visions, have spontaneous muscle jolts, or even have an emotional release such as crying or giggling. 

Experiences will differ for every person, every time, but it is important to know that regardless of whether or not any of the above is experienced, your energy is still always working. 

Govinda Valley Healing Centre

We are very excited to announce that we now have Energetic Healing to add to the therapies we offer at our Healing Centre. 

Indulge in a relaxing Energetic Healing Treatment with our renowned and incredible Energetic Healer/ Reiki Practitioner to calm, clear, balance and recharge your energy field and system, enhancing your body’s natural healing potential and releasing energetic blocks that lead to dis-ease.

An Energetic Healing treatment is a "Massage for the Soul "- a powerful path to healing...