Yoga for kids

Meet spiritually-inspiring yogini Natalia Perera. Based in Sydney and CEO of Saffron Rose, Natalia has been holding wonderful retreats at Govinda Valley for a number of years.

We recently hosted a wholesome family retreat organised by the beautiful Natalia and her husband Fabio Fabbri. The family retreat was filled with activities to inspire and encourage family time, in balance with both adult 'alone-time' and child ‘me-time’.

The children's activities included arts and craft, creative play, nature walks, bonfire building, apple roasting and more. The adults absorbed themselves in yoga, meditation and chanting, which the children were also invited to take part in.

Natalia said she loves holding retreats at Govinda Valley, as it is ‘unique in its approach, location and atmosphere... Govinda Valley  is different to most yoga retreats, as it is led by the most dedicated and devoted spiritual staff members. It's set in the most spectacular natural surroundings, with lush bushland as well as pristine beaches, easily reachable and just an hour away from Sydney’.

Natalia is also a teacher of ancient nature-based knowledge and practices which encourage self-awareness and a life to be well lived. You can read more about her and and discover deeper insight about yoga and how it can benefit your children's school performance and mental health.