Sound healing practice

Sound healing can happen in many different ways and styles and has been used in various cultures for thousands of years as a holistic tool for healing. The use of Mantras, in all aspects of spirituality; Yoginis, Hindis - the Icaros (medicine melodies) and even the Indigenous peoples from Central and South America.  Pythagoras' use of interval and frequency.  All of this sound healing acts with the same intention to create balance in the mind.

All sounds give out a vibration and encourages brain waves to become awakened and in balance feel rested by the use of rhythm and frequency. We can train our brains to down-shift our ‘awake’ consciousness vibrations to alpha (relaxed conscious). When perhaps you get really great you can then reach theta - a total meditative state and furthermore delta (sleeping). This is where truly powerful healing can happen.

Sound healing can be passive, relaxing as well as energising and awakening. Sound waves can travel better when you're lying down and helps create a place of stillness in your subconscious mind. This is why people often find it so relaxing. Mantra again helps encourage us to arrive at a still point in meditation and stills our minds from thoughts escaping elsewhere.

Our body will hold many traumas and imbalances which we may or may not be conscious of. These traumas and blockages will imbalance our bodies as well as our minds and both must work together.  Sound healing is a complete holistic experience that helps disrupt and align energy flow through vibrations travelling through your physical body to awaken your subconscious in turn putting us into a balanced mental state.

Last month I took part in a sound Healing workshop with Jasmine. Jasmine is a Spiritual Healer who focuses on sound to encourage relaxation, positivity and consciousness. She recently held a fasting retreat here and we look forward to having her back again.

As a leading spiritual healer she focuses on sound and energy to inspire people to listen and her practice acts as a natural medicine for insomnia, depression, weight and food related problems, chronic pain and much more.

Find out more about her up and coming workshops and how sound healing could benefit you on her website. The next sound healing event we have at Govinda will be a day workshop later this month on the 19th March with Louise Charman-James from Soul Signature.

Written by: Isabella Kavanagh