Tom toms were initially thought as an aphrodisiac and often as poisonous (some still are).

Some of the health benefits include being good for your eye sight, stomach health, lower blood pressure as well as relief from skin and diabetes problems.

These little juicy red planet shaped fruits can also reduce cholesterol levels, stimulate blood circulation and protect the kidneys. They consist of a large number of anti oxidants and have been proven to fight some forms of cancer.

With so many ways you can introduce tomatoes to your plate, it's easy to include them in your food choices. Why not try making your own tomato sauce for example? Or sun dry them in a delicious nut oil.. roast or grill them? Or just nibble on them, replacing them with your average fruit pick. I often trick myself and have one instead of an apple for example. They contain far less sugar and keep you fuller for longer also aiding in weight loss.


One of tomatoes complementary friends in the workplace is Basil. We use a lot of Basil in our dishes and are currently growing our own Tulsi as is known for many as a sacred and is otherwise known as Holy Basil.

Written by: Isabella Kavanagh