Get v’egucated!

I may think I know my fruit and vegetables from my head-to-ma-toes, but I am ever learning all about foods and their health benefits. We are constantly being told what is good and what is bad for us… and I don't know about you but it frustrates me as I give my body what I know it is asking for. I thought I would have a look into some of the most used veggies, fruits , herbs and spices we use and grow here at Govinda Valley and see how they may or may not be affecting my mind, body and soul.

As I am sure you all aware here at Govinda Valley we love to be conscious and do our best to live healthy, sustainable lives. I was shocked however when buying my veggies from the local supermarket the other day, that the young girl behind the counter asked me to what vegetable I had inside the transparent bag I had handed her- It was a parsnip!....

It got me thinking and inspired me to find out more about the food my body craves for and enjoys. What is it doing for me? Is it just the taste I desire? or is it the emotion I get from eating it? or the vitamin, the mineral, or scientific benefit we actually want?… maybe a bit of the latter.

Too many of us rush our lunches and lack putting time and effort and awareness into the food we put into our bodies. I refuse to do this and have been inspired to explore.

First Blog post on different types of foods will start next week. Keep your eyes, ears and carrots peeled!

Written by: Isabella Kavanagh