Recently, I was hopping onto google and took notice of the small animation of planets on the search engine page. I love the home page of google as its always relevant to the current news trend in a fun and fast way and I love anything to do with planets and the solar system so I was even more excited to continue reading to see that a group of seven worlds; much to many astronomers delight, were spotted circulating a very small dwarf star named Trappist. The miniature worlds are all close in size to Earth and could be warm enough for water and even to sustain life. It was spotted around the constellation of Aquarius.

At Govinda Valley we have Yoga Philosophy class every morning at 6am. On the same day of this discovery last week we had a lesson on the planets and theories in relation to our spiritual selves with self exploration and development. I think our director maybe has special spies or powers as he led the class completely unaware of this spotting. 

Astrology and Natal charts; Chinese, Vedic, Western etc can all give us knowledge of our spiritual backgrounds and resurrected selves. This can be with theory to where our spirits may have came from, what our lives may have in store for us, the personalities and traits we will ‘possibly’ have and therefore  predict obstacles and dangers we may have to overcome to be safe and continue happily on our spiritual pathway for pure spiritual transcendence.

It is therefore believed by some that we can predict the exact life path, and in fact the time of death we will have. This however, would all be relevant if you carried on ignoring your karma and self will to continue on the initial pathway and steps you were given by the fate of the exact alignment and placement of the planets at your time of birth. It is a bit tricky to get your head around but once you do it makes so much sense to me. Predicting your future therefore could be changeable as we all have inner choices and voices we can choose to listen or to ignore. 

It's possible to observe a pattern in your life, for example your appearance, place of birth, personality traits etc. With the help of astrology you can understand more about who you are and adjust the choices you make for your future. However, it's also important to accept your Karma and fate whilst making improvements to your life.

There are so many theories and Beliefs out there but what's important to know is that the exact positioning of the stars and planets at the time of your birth are actually proven to be exact. It is also proven that the positioning of the moon and sun can physically affect our behavior and appearance.. as well as natural disasters (being closer to the sun or further.. hotter or colder for example..  Affecting sea levels, The woman's cycle..etc) so you can choose if you believe that these energies have an effect on your chemical makeup and future. 

It is your choice if you wish to explore and have the knowledge of your future and research more into these theories but  as a yogi you should know, that with the astrological knowledge alongside the practical form of yoga; we can at least be prepared and have the tools to overcome any troubles. We can then theoretically learn to listen to the inner self and awaken our spiritual mind body and soul senses.

Astrology is the knowledge system linked to yoga.

It's like when we look at the weather predictions for tomorrow afternoon.. we may or may not be encouraged to carry an umbrella out with us if the weatherman predicts rain. Some would prefer to have the knowledge of what the weather could be and some may not to be prepared and some may wish to leave to chance.

In short my answer to all of the above in short is to eat more plants and do more yoga. I will continue my path to be as conscious as possible, mindful and aware of my choices and actions and give my mind body and spirit love in the forms of yoga!

The internet is an entire milky way and galaxy of information .. so again, go explore and read more if you're interested!

Written by: Isabella Kavanagh