Green Therapy

The thing that most stands out at Govinda Valley is the captivating and vast amount of Nature’s Green within and surrounding the property. Virtually every which way you look, you can’t help but be mesmerised by this incredibly therapeutic colour (in all different shades) and you very quickly realise it's definitely no coincidence that our planet is predominantly filled with it. And then of course mixed in with the Vitamin N (Nature) and medicinal qualities from the abundance of forest that envelops you and you have the perfect prescription for your mind, body and spirit.

Green is known to be a relaxing and emotionally positive colour, that inspires calmness, relaxation, peacefulness and harmony. It is the great balancer of our mental, emotional and physical energies; renewing and restoring our depleted energy and revitalising us when we are physically, emotionally or spiritually exhausted. As you gaze into the Greenness, it's as though the colour draws you in; hypnotising you into its healing energy - calming and soothing you, like a lullaby for the nervous system - a natural sedative and stress-reliever, that gently guides and restores you back to well-being.

It’s not surprising too, that Green is the colour of the heart chakra - igniting feelings of love, happiness, empathy and the nurturing of ourselves and others.  It is also the colour of prosperity and abundance, making us feel secure, supported and free, as well as fostering creativity, productivity and vitality.

How amazing is Nature's Green – totally in love…

Thank you mother nature and Govinda Valley for giving us so much Green and Nature Therapy Permaculture and Design Certificate

And the environment couldn't be any more perfect for Milkwood's fantastic  and their fantwho have been with us once again, for the past 2 weeks here again for the next 2 weeks with their fantastic Permaculture and Design Certificate Course. What an ideal environment to do any course in, let alone Permaculture. Wow! And the ingredients must be working, because this is Milkwood's 5th time with us and they'll be back with us again next year.