Alexandra May 


Ally, a NSW native grew up in the Sutherland shire, but never knew that her journey would lead her to Govinda Valley, a few train stops away from her childhood home.

Ally was always drawn to spiritual and alternative lifestyles. She began her travels in 2016 in Europe, where she stumbled upon a yogic community. It was there she began to delve into Bhakti yoga and studying Vedic philosophy. 

She spent six months in India, taking in all the experiences it offered while also completing her yoga teacher training at Dharamasala. Now back at Govinda Valley, Ally is looking forward to create a safe space for residents, volunteers, and retreat guests looking to explore their inner worlds and have some fun on their yoga mats! She will be helping supervise volunteers and assisting with housekeeping. We are all extremely grateful to have this beautiful soul here sharing her energy and love.