Who we are...

Govinda Valley is a retreat project that has been enthusiastically serving the Australian and international community since 2006. Our aim is to provide a clean, safe and nurturing space for your group event. Though we have many clients from the yoga, meditation and wider spiritual community, we welcome all kinds of social, community and business groups, especially those interested in a conference or retreat experience with a difference, one vested in good health and well-being.


Health kitchen

In our kitchen we prepare food aimed at supporting optimum health and vitality based on the principles of ayurveda, the ancient yoga science of health.

According to yoga tradition, the quality of a person's diet directly affects not only the physical body but the mind also. Indeed, we are what we eat!

Naturally, we cater for special dietary needs such as gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, etc. In addition, all the food prepared in the Govinda Valley kitchen is totally free of meat, fish, eggs, garlic and onion, with no exceptions.


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Govinda Valley takes sustainability and environmental welfare seriously. We are self-reliant in terms of our water needs, using purified water for showers and purified rainwater for drinking. We have our own flower and vegetable gardens and are developing as an educational centre where people can learn about alternative gardening, permaculture, sustainability, etc. Milkwood are one of our preferred clients and main advisers in our continuing efforts in sustainable development.

Examples are our recycling and upcycling programs, our storage sheds being completely built from used materials, and our plans for a large community garden where people can learn about gardening and benefit from a supply of home grown veggies.

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